Wednesday, May 1, 2019

WI GOP legislators will approve the Walker third term budget

[Updated] I said on Tuesday that WI GOP legislators like the safely-gerrymandered State Senator Alberta Darling 

Alberta Darling at Ann Romney rally.JPG

were going to knock Medicaid funding, a minimum wage increase, medical marijuana legalization and other modern ideas out of Evers' budget.
Having gerrymandered themselves into legislative permanence, WI GOP leaders are now looking to roll back the calendar.
They are saying "no" to legalizing medical marijuana, [Vos] "no" to expanded federal Medicaid funding, "no" to long-term state-funded land stewardship, "no" to an increase to the Walker-enforced and unlivable hourly minimum wage of $7.25, and "no" to 82 proposed building improvements or replacement on state campuses, in correctional facilities, among other Evers' initiatives.
So this headline and story at jsonline that went up this evening does not surprise me:
GOP signals Medicaid expansion, medical marijuana, minimum wage increase will be thrown out of Evers' state budget
And props to the paper for making the list of GOP backwards' steps towards permanent Walkerism even more comprehensive. 

[Robin Vos update, #never] 

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