Monday, May 27, 2019

'Certainty' alert, as WI GOP cuts needed school funding

Hey, school districts, who do you think you are, Foxconn?

It was a cinch that Wisconsin Republicans would propose allotting to state schools but a fraction of what communities know is needed - - and what Tony Evers - - an education expert and the people's choice for Governor  - - had recommended.
A key provision in Evers' funding plan would change the state's formula for funding schools to provide more money to schools that educate students who live in poverty — a change that would benefit Milwaukee Public Schools. Nearly 90% of the district's students live in poverty. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Wednesday that proposal is off the table.
In fact, everyone knew it was a certainty that the GOP-controlled legislature would throw out Governor Tony Evers' urban-student-teacher-friendly education funding plan.
'It's an injustice': MPS advocates see missed chance to address poverty as GOP scraps Tony Evers budget
As I noted a few years ago with about 20 examples, when you hear "certainty" from a Wisconsin Republican gripping the levers of powers - - 

Alberta Darling at Ann Romney rally.JPG

 - -  it means someone with less power is about to get screwed, as the Senate budget-writing co-chair recently affirmed on Twitter.

Our school districts asked for a reliable and predictable funding plan. I hope Governor Evers will give school districts the certainty they need and not play politics.

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