Friday, May 17, 2019

If the Packers are in Super Bowl LIV, Walker won't be there

And he hopes you don't go, either:

Because the next Super Bowl is Feb. 2 in Miami, and fair-weather fan Scott Walker in a serious #Shadow Governor Fail would rather you join him on a Hawaiian Cruise:
Cruisin' with the Walkers
Crystal-clear water, beautiful beaches and outstanding hospitality. All of this and a spectacular cruise ship to take our guests around the Hawaiian islands. After experiencing 21 degrees below zero at the end of January this year, we are ready to go some place warm! We invite you to join us on this amazing adventure to Hawaii from January 29 to February 9.
We love to have a great time with family, friends and supporters so we planned some special extras like a VIP luau experience (a traditional Hawaiian feast complete with the best seats in the house – singers, dancers, fire dancers and more!), a karaoke night (Tonette and I met for the first time on karaoke night at Saz’s and we love it!), an evening conversation with me and Tonette (insightful Q&A on politics, life and more) and plenty of chances to talk, take pictures and sign autographs throughout the trip. Plus, we love history and honoring our veterans, so we planned an extraordinary trip to Pearl Harbor and the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific where we will honor World War II veterans. It will give you chills.
Most importantly, we will be in Hawaii from January 29 to February 9!!! Don’t be stuck at home in the snow and cold. Join our family for a remarkable time in America’s 50th state.
Scott, Tonnette & the Walker Family


Anonymous said...

I don't remember vacationing with my parents when I was in my mid-20s.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

For our 30th anniversary this year, my wife and I are planning a modest trip to Niagara Falls. If we had $11,000 to burn, though, we’d jump at the chance to go Cruisin’ With The Walkers (snicker...sorry, I couldn’t type that with a straight face).

See, we’ve never been part of the cool crowd, and that cruise just seems too wild for us. I mean, 12 days of political discussion, selfies, autograph sessions and KARAOKE???

No, we won’t be there, but I do have a karaoke-night song suggestion for Scott, Tonette, their two adult sons who still hang out with Ma and Pa, and every sucker who pays for this cruise. It’s from the Beatles catalog: “I’M A LOSER.”

Anonymous said...

Since he's subbing for Belling as host of his show, is he also subbing for Belling as host of his cruise?

James Rowen said...

I doubt it. This is probably arranged by Walker's speaker'sbureau. Just guessing.