Thursday, May 9, 2019

Walker fighting Vos, Fitzgerald for Shadow Wisconsin Governor title

The field for Wisconsin Make-Believe Governor is getting crowded.

The Vos & Fitzgerald Windbag Duo have been alternating as Wisconsin's shadow governor, whether by misleading the public about Foxconn at Evers' expense or telling the duly-elected Gov. Evers what he may or not have in in his first budget

That's how make-believe Wisconsin GOP Governors are behaving even though their party lost the Governorship in 2018 - - along with every other statewide office not available to be gerrymandered - - since neither Vos or Fitzgerald is long on humility or self-awareness.

But now this intriguing headline and top line from the Milwaukee Business Journal suggests that defeated Gov. Walker is getting traction as the leading pretender.
Former Gov. Walker 'catches up' with Foxconn's Gou
Why would former Governor Scott Walker be inserted into Foxconn chairman Terry Gou’s schedule for a Wisconsin visit?
The rest of the story is behind a pay wall, but it appears as if Walker is still posing as our Governor, and apparently outgoing Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, a lame-duck himself, is also playing along.

Who knows why? Maybe Trump told him to do it.

It's not hard to figure out which of the three shadow GOP governors will emerge as the Leader of the Illegitimacy even though no one has that crystal ball.

My money's on Walker.

Because he's got the neediest of the three egos at the moment and even though he's supposed to be knocking down speaking fees and reforming and gerrymandering America and helping re-elect a President who thinks it's funny to joke about shooting asylum seekers, Walker consistently sticks his nose back into state affairs 

You might have thought that Walker's already got too much on his plate to be a serious contender for Wisconsin shadow governor, too, but that would be too easy a wisecrack, let along wrong, because he can't let go of losing the Governorship. To a Democrat. And a teacher, to boot.

So there's Walker on Twitter today offering more advice to the state even though no one's really prompting him to do it - - except his own thin, inner revenge voice he hopes can drown out the spoken will of the people:
  11 hours ago11 hours agoMoreRaising taxes - including the gas tax - is a bad idea.

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Anonymous said...

Walker is running for Governor as we speak. Vos and Fitz are keeping the home fires burning for him by doing everything possible to obstruct progress on things Evers promised. Will it work? We'll see. It could very well be that because of Trump's outrageous actions some of the GOP will lose their seats in the state legislature. It is possible in a few of the districts. It could also be the opposite. The only thing you can say for sure about Wisconsin voters is that they are unpredictable.