Sunday, May 19, 2019

WI male medical experts step-up their supervision of women

Big shout out to senior WI GOP Senator and multi-tasker Ron Johnson for adding a white coat to his everyday white hat.
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The former Tea Party candidate and plastics manufacturer is now the apparent party leader statewide after former Governor and Tea Party original Scott Walker - - himself an expert in women's reproductive rights and other basic health matters - - was recently demoted by voters to the rubber-chicken dinner speaking circuit.

But not to worry about any dangerous expertise gap because Johnson is now promoting his concern for women's reproductive health.

With Johnson's knowledge at the ready, and the GOP's history of thoughtful attention to public health continually front-and-center, there's really no need to consult with or hear from Tammy Baldwin, the state's other Senator, and a female.

Johnson addressed women's rights, and interests, no, endorsed a 1950's vision of women's reproductive status at Saturday's convention of similar experts in Oshkosh, where, by the way, a high-profile Wisconsin attorney formerly employed as Walker's chief counsel was to stop by, give remarks and make sure everyone knew where to find him when he moves to a new judicial office in August.

Talk about connections and coincidences!

Many at the Oshkosh convention had helped the attorney/judge-cum Justice make his move, and one Wisconsin notable had recently even thanked God that the attorney/judge/Justice-to-be would soon be in new digs and taking up cases of mutual interest.

It's even possible that the promoted Walker legal eagle will get to work on some of the very women's reproductive and health care issues that Republicans have claimed as their lane, in today's parlance.

In fact, if the political deities can align themselves, Johnson just might further cement Walker's legacy by rightfully reclaiming the Governors office for Republicans in 2022 while Walker might step right into the Senate vacancy Johnson has promised to create. 

I mean, that's beyond coincidence. You're talking divine synchronicity, no?

In further of facts, Walker has said he could also run again for Governor - - Walker 2.0, The Sequel! - -  but don't fret about any negative fallout from this battle of the wise men because they and other Republicans like social critic Glenn Grothman - - see video of his invocation of 'the gals' more than a dozen times - - have kept mens' and "the gal's" best interests in perspective:
"Our country is not going to survive if we continue this war on men," he told a tea party rally in 2010.

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