Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Trump joins state GOP legislators screwing rural Wisconsin

Trump keeps finding new ways to make life miserable for Wisconsinites.

Punitive tariffs closing off exports for Wisconsin farmers aren't enough for the Badger State-hating President - - see this op-ed - - who has also been hammering Milwaukee's Harley-Davidson.

Now Trump wants to give immigration preference to English-speaking, skilled workers while it's no secret that lesser-skilled, even undocumented laborers are keeping small-town dairies and economics afloat.

How undocumented immigrants became the backbone of dairies — and how to keep the milk flowing in America’s Dairyland
Farmers, experts say reliance on immigrant workers, many of them in the U.S. illegally, will continue unless dairies — and Congress — make significant changes
And Republican legislators in Wisconsin are already opposing the Evers' plan to permit the issuance of immigrant drivers' licenses, thus ensuring less reliable labor - - especially in bad weather - - in dairies where punctuality is an absolute necessity.
Rep. John Nygren, R-Marinette,the co-chair of the Joint Committee on Finance that will review the budget proposal, said...
“Illegal immigration remains a systemic crisis for our nation which needs Congress’ attention,” he said in a statement. “Further enabling and incentivizing the breaking of our laws is not in the best interest of Wisconsin. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of states do not allow undocumented immigrants to acquire a driver’s license.”
Image of John Nygren
Go figure, since many rural districts relying on dairy and other ag businesses are represented by GOP legislators whose disregard for quality of life also extends to drinking water and public health.

The Joint Finance Committee is also refusing to add to the upcoming state budget Evers' plan to finally accept available federal funding to expand Medicaid coverage - - again, a genuine need in rural Wisconsin. (Behind a pay wall, sorry.)

Ideology over practicality, let alone humanity, is GOP orthodoxy.

About half the workers on US dairies are immigrants. 

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MAL said...

Anti-Trump 30-sec spots for 2020 are writing themselves.
Donald Trump — This guy bad-mouthed Harley Davidson.

Trump has torpedoed small dairy farmers.

He's stuck Wisconsin families with $ billions of bills paid to a Taiwanese company known for lies and scams.

Our schools, our healthcare. What's next?

Call Donald Trump and tell the guy, it's time to go.