Monday, May 6, 2019

Walker torches his reputational remains

If there's a media judgment more scorching than 'pants on fire,' it should be sent Walker's way for this op-ed which carries his name:
Scott Walker: Republicans need to wake up to Democrats’ nationwide judicial power grab
The piece rips President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder for liberal third-party spending in judicial races just weeks after a similar, million-dollar-plus outside effort by a conservative group helped push Walker's former chief counsel Brian Hagedorn to a razor-thin winning margin for a ten-year term on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

A candidate whom Walker endorsed.

You ask: How could headline writers at Fox News put the words "Scott Walker" and "power grab" in the same sentence when it was Walker who helped engineer, and then signed into law after his defeat, a series of actual power grabs which reduced the authority of the incoming Democratic Governor and Attorney General?

And also sought to further embed in Wisconsin the intentionally-gerrymandered legislative districts which Walker and his team created through secretive, power-grabbing legislation.

An effort so undemocratic that a key Walker ally who helped craft it has been fighting an order to testify and produce documents about it.

All of which underscores what I wrote in December: 
Walker's embrace of secrecy & stealth are fundamentally anti-democratic, anti-Wisconsin 
All signs point to Walker signing most if not all of the secretly-crafted 141-page elevation of legislative power awarded to Republican legislators at the expense of the Governorship from which voters ejected him.
Fitting, isn't it, that the legislators who drafted the proposals they camouflaged as "reasonable" were themselves installed in districts they gerrymandered through maps secretly-drafted behind the closed doors of private attorneys off the State Capitol grounds.
Where, from their artificially-safe legislative seats, and with taxpayer dollars paying both their salaries and their gerrymandering-legal specialists' fees, these GOP legislators awarded privilege after perk after newly-amplified power onto Walker.
I guess the headline writers at Fox read these words in the op-ed's shamelessly misleading text:’s time that Republicans wake up to the reality of the Democrats’ nationwide judicial power grab.
Want to further explore this litany for self-parody? Enter into Google "Scott Walker Wisconsin power grab legislation" and begin sifting through more than three million citations. Here is one example.
Wisconsin judge blocks Republicans’ lame-duck power grab
A Wisconsin judge on Thursday blocked several lightning-fast actions in December by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature to limit the power of its incoming governor, Democrat Tony Evers, and preserve policies implemented by his predecessor, Scott Walker.
Here's another link - - complete with video, images of a prop Walker used which was roundly roasted even by mainstream media as clumsily inaccurate, and includes words from a leading Wisconsin GOP elected official who immediately and correctly explains what the power grabs were intended to do:
Gov. Walker signs 'power-grab' legislation 
All of which makes the paragraph below taken from in Walker's phony call to arms a projection about which politicians and psychologists could write for years, in part because the op-ed was authored for a cable news site, though Walker criticizes his opponents for using them. 

And, so far, Walker has posted or retweeted links to the op-ed four times on his social media Twitter account - - though, again, Walker sniffs at opponents who make their arguments there.
For their part, Democrats are sitting back counting the cash they plan to use on their trial lawyers to fund their strategy of endless litigation. Win or lose they are happy to spend their money on lawyers just for the talking points their liberal judges and academics give them to use on cable news and social media. 
This almost daily Walker effort to rebrand and reinsert himself into relevancy after a defeat he clearly has yet to accept is too full of holes to succeed. 

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Unknown said...

It really shows his willingness to say and do anything on behalf of the elite, whether its trampling the environment, giving away WI taxpayer revenue to Taiwanese con man, or flat out lying. He is whore in every sense of the word. He's shameless.