Monday, May 13, 2019

WI GOP's Financing FUBAR, or, When Geniuses Attack

Just the smarty-pants fiscal conservatives you'd want routing $4 billion to Foxconn and still writing the next state budget:
Republican Party maxed out credit card, racked up $600 in monthly interest as it tried to save Scott Walker 
The report concluded the state party was “essentially outsourced” to Walker’s campaign and was “a top-down bureaucracy, disconnected from local activists (and) recklessly reliant on outside consultants...”  
Toward the end of last year’s campaign, the party funneled $4 million toward Walker’s unsuccessful re-election bid, the report says. That was more than the party could bear financially.

And this is the guy leading a national push for a balanced budget?

You might as well name Donald Trump permanent chairman of The Respect the Constitution Committee.

In fact, Walker would have no problem with his campaign being put on a credit card: 
Scott Walker financial disclosure reveals high-interest credit card debt
The story also explains how big donor Diane Hendricks wrote the party a check to help pay off its credit card debt - - and that sheds light on why Republicans have no interest in helping students resolve their education loan or credit card. 

Just find a rich friend and stick you hand out, and problem solved.


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Jake formerly of the LP said...

....and then kick back those donations from oligarchs that bailed you out with more tax cuts and bills to shift more power to the ownership class.

"It's a big club, and you ain't in it." - George Carlin