Wednesday, May 29, 2019

For a Foxconn gravy train seat, expand the eligibility menu

Props to the Journal Sentinel's Rick Romell for disclosing how firms run far from Wisconsin are getting Foxconn contracts:
Foxconn awards contracts to 'Wisconsin' firms with headquarters in Connecticut and England
In January, I noticed this information in BizTimes Milwaukee too. 
Foxconn general contractors based in Rhode Island, Germany
Looks like not much has changed. On, Wisconsin. Er, Connecticut...Germany...

Here's a link to a Foxconn archive frequently updated over the last two years. 
with items like this
Walker's job plan: import Chinese workers to Foxconn
So because we're adding flexibility to 'certainty' in the Walkerite/Foxconn/'Wisconsin-First' Guide to Wordsmithing,' and if a 'Wisconsin
'firm' can be headquartered in England or Germany or on the dark side of the moon, I think we need to expand the definition of Wisconsinite to make it easier to jump to the head of the Foxconn hiring line - - assuming that someday actual hiring - - in earnest - - will begin.

I suggest that anyone is automatically a Wisconsinite for WisConn [Team Walker's preferred, paradoxical phrase] hiring purposes if they meet at least two of these 'If you wanna be a Sconnine' criteria:

* Have eaten twice at any two of the many custard stands

airport carry-out counters, pizzarias and burger joints Walker features shills for on his Twitter page

*  Book and board the full Walker's 2019 Hawaiian Karaoke Cruise and a Foxcnnn senior management position is waiting for you as soon as the trip is over. (Documentation required. Photo ID required.)

* Has been to at least two of these Wisconsin destinations: Lambeau Field, Borchert Field, Mitchell Field, Marshall Fields or a Mrs. Field's cookie kiosk. 

* Has hit a Wisconsin Scotthole: double points if it led to big, bold cursing over a tire blow-out. 

Again, save your receipts. Don't make us waste a good Pants on Fire rating that might waft off the Foxconn site any old day:
Pants on Fire: Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald blame Tony Evers for Foxconn changes

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iDont LiveLike You said...

scooter did say, "If a person moves here to work then they are Wisconsinites." MY first thought was he wants to get rid of Wisconsinites because we care about wages, job safety, family time, clean air, & water our state & our Great Lakes.