Thursday, May 30, 2019

More green, all caps: MMSD will make MKE's KK River A-OK

The MMSD is showing local, state, federal and non-profit partners what environmental leadership is all about:

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District is confronting failed policies and fast-arriving climate change with modern planning and publicly-spirited stewardship by announcing a major restoration of the long-neglected Kinnickinnick River
In all, more than seven miles of fish-unfriendly concrete installed in the early 1960s is being removed. Land will be set aside in strategic spots to serve as natural storage pools when storms and melting snow engulf the tiny river. 
I walked along some of that ugly, obstructing concrete 'channelization' west of S. 27th Street near Oklahoma Ave. in March - - and the sooner the river can be returned to its natural state, the better. Take a look: 

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