Friday, May 10, 2019

Where the chainsaw caucus is cut no slack

It seems some ancient oaks are worth more than others.

A lot more.

This week I'd gathered up information about the threats to ancient oaks and other valuable trees in half a dozen settings in Wisconsin:

* Rare oaks saved, so far, from sand mining in Jackson and Monroe Counties.

* Acres of pristine trees threatened for golf course development adjacent to Kohler Andrae State Park.

* A grove of iconic horse chestnut trees in downtown Milwaukee apparently headed for destruction.

* At least ten ancient oaks facing the chainsaw in Kletzsch Park in Glendale, including these:

Other old oaks which could be destroyed on the Milwaukee County Grounds.

And on the Foxconn construction site, but don't get started on that or we'll be there all day.

Here's one way to deal with this kind of thoughtlessness:
Judge: California couple must pay nearly $600k for uprooting, killing an ancient oak tree
The oak was bound, a road was bulldozed through and a dozen other trees and vegetation were uprooted, according to court documents.

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