Monday, January 15, 2018

Milw. Co. bus lines cut; Foxconn gets free gaudy roads and more

The discriminatory, anti-urban fiscal insanity bred by Foxconn Fever comes into sharper focus:

*  Glitzy, WI-paid Foxconn-related transit ads on Illinois transit, hundreds of millions of WI transportation dollars for Foxconn-related roads, but in Milwaukee County, buses to industrial parks and other routes have been slashed for lack of funds that wouldn't even show up in the $4 billion ticketed for Foxconn:

The Milwaukee County Transit System plans to eliminate three bus routes with low ridership in March and shut down six others by mid-year to meet $882,586 worth of cuts in the system's 2018 budget approved by the County Board.
*  The Walker-boosting, Foxconn-related ad package the Governor wants to spend in Illinois and elsewhere could cost state taxpayers $7.8 million - - enough to fund those nine chopped Milwaukee County bus lines - - for nearly nine years.

But transit  - - whether Amtrak, light-rail, streetcar, Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee commuter train and/or everyday bus services - - 

Robin Vos, the GOP WI Assembly Speaker, thinks transit funding should be removed from the transportation fund:
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has pushed for public transit to be funded through the state’s general budget instead of the DOT, saying he considers transit a social program. Gov. Scott Walker proposed such a move in his last budget and Vos said it had the support of Assembly Republicans, but it failed to make it through the state Senate.
- - has never been a priority of our big-spending, highway-happy, pothole-inducing, state trooper-chauffeured Governor and his party. 

And this sad, sick, transit-killing, anti-urban discriminatory story has been repeated and told and retold for years:

Another day, another report verifies region's dying transit

There's always money enough to write studies about the transit-deprived Milwaukee region
Milwaukee County Transit System logo.svg 
but never enough money or political will to solve the problem.
That why you will find the same old song in the same old hymnal just updated by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, (SEWRPC), as VISION2050.

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