Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Another Walker tweet masks another full story

Walker's propaganda machine never stops.

For example, I'd noted that Walker has changed core numbers and what counts as jobs created to make his record on jobs added look better than seven years of measurable middling growth and broken promises.

He's doing the same thing with education funding - - using a few words here and forgetting a few more there to come up with just part of the story.

Yes, Walker's latest budget added a large sum of money to eduction funding, but this tweet - - 


Today, Wisconsin’s K-12 students are returning to school for the first time in 2018. Thankfully, we put historic amounts into our classrooms to ensure each child succeeds.
*  A) omits any mention of previous education cuts, including a nearly $1 billion slash in his first budget. 
After earlier cuts, Scott Walker proposes spending boost for schools
In fact, PolitiFact has said:
Based on the latest census figures, for 2011-’12, the Wisconsin cuts were the largest based on two measures -- state revenue provided to local schools and overall spending by schools of state, federal and local money.
*  And B) is not the largest sum ever budgeted for education when inflation is taken into account, as Walker has claimed. 

PolitiFact notes that honor - - biggest education boost in dollars adjusted for inflation goes to Walker scapegoat Democrat Jim Doyle for his 2003 budget.

If Walker's new education spending was on top of regular gains, he could take a bow.

But his new spending on education seems more like a re-election ploy instead of the purposeful, strategic policy advance as he's framing it.


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