Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Upset! GOP loses safe NW WI State Senate seat

Blue wave alert from Walker-Trump country in Northwestern Wisconsin:

Noted far-right Republican and anti-environmental water-carrier State Rep. Adam Jarchow was beaten decisively by a Democrat:
Patty Schachtner defeated Republican state Rep. Adam Jarchow for an open state Senate seat Tuesday in an upset victory for struggling Wisconsin Democrats, signaling voter anger toward President Donald Trump that could cost the GOP more legislative seats in the fall elections.
Schachtner, a former EMT, serves on a local school board and is the St. Croix County Medical Examiner.

The Senate seat Jarchow lost had been held by Republicans for the last 17 years.
Adam Jarchow.jpg
Jarchow has been pushing to open a million or so acres of state-protected wetlands to development.

He is also a leading co-sponsor of a controversial bill to allow wolves in Wisconsin to be shot on sight even though Wisconsin wolves are protected by a federal court order.

The measure would also prevent any Wisconsin police officer or state official from enforcing the current federal ban on killing Wisconsin wolves, jeopardizing the receipt of millions of dollars in federal wildlife and habitat funding.


BR said...

Hell yeah! Now let's replicate, repeat, then repeal and replace Republicans!

Joe R said...

Jarchow lost on the western end of Highway 64. In November, his BFF Tom Tiffany will lose on the eastern end.

Anonymous said...

This strong candidate worked very hard. I don't know how much the state Dem apparatus helped. They have been shocking in having almost no game plan to counter the voter purges etc. I remember volunteering to help and they just referred me to the League of Women Voters. Which is all well and good but what is the DEM plan for increasing registration/turnout and where are they?

Anonymous said...

^^^ typical. The Democrats win a safe R seat with a commanding lead and here you are with "where were the Democrats"? Jesus, people like you are just ridiculous. You do realize that we're fighting card-carrying fascists now, right? What good does this armchair quarterbacking do?
Just STFU and let the Dems have their damn victory lap.