Monday, January 29, 2018

Great Lakes writer spots Walker's Great Lakes disinterest

The independent Michigan journalist and Detroit Public TV contributor Gary Wilson, writing at Great Lakes Now, spotted our Governor's recently-displayed disinterest in the water which surrounds and defines the region. 
When it comes to the Great Lakes, Wisconsin arguably ranks only behind Michigan in enjoying their bounty as well in its responsibility to preserve and protect them. It’s one of three states that comprise the core of the Great Lakes region.
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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker giving State of the State address, courtesy of 
But that wasn’t evident in Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State speech last week. 
Walker made no mention of the Great Lakes, Wisconsin’s 220 miles of Lake Michigan shore or the state’s Lake Superior border. 
Glad to see in Wilson's posting a shout-out to Wisconsin League of Conservation voters, and to my blog.

On, Wisconsin.

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