Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stung by blue wave defeat, Walker amps up war on poor

On the eve of his State of the State free campaign ad speech, today is the right time to remind everyone that almost seven years ago, Walker used his first budget proposal to define who he was and how low he'd go by snatching $20 worth of food off poor Wisconsinites' kitchen tables. 

Every month. Because he could. As I wrote at the time:
It's right there in the budget, on page 65, in the "Health and Human Services" section: 
"To further encourage W-2 recipients to recognize that the goal of W-2 is for participants to secure unsubsidized employment, reduce the monthly benefit check by $20." 
And there's something corrosively appalling - - but certainly not surprising - - that this career politician in his 26th year at the public trough who's taking down $12,000 a month and living in a taxpayer-provided lakefront mansion with a fancy new kitchen would react to an unexpected career-threatening special election loss by elevating his last campaign's dog-whistling low point with fresh poor-bashing designed to signal his GOP base voters that, on their dime, some lazy so-and-sos are getting something they don't deserve, and Big Daddy Walker will put a stop to it: 
The GOP governor is pushing for a series of welfare bills, including requiring able-bodied parents of children on food stamps to work or get training to receive more than three months of benefits and increasing the existing work requirement for all able-bodied adults from 20 hours a week to 30.
So screw the crumbling roads, cash-starved schools, damaged environment and polluted waters he's enabled, but ignores, since screwing the less powerful makes this guy feel like the leader he'll never be.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

And speaking of welfare, how much are taxpayers shelling out when Walker takes the state plane and security detail to the many campaign photo ops he does?

This includes the one in La Crosse yesterday with 3 other Eastern Wisconsin GOPs to "introduce" this race-baiting crap. Someone needs to get those figures on the record and to the public.