Saturday, January 13, 2018

Federal lawsuit detours around sweetheart WI/Foxconn fast-track

You may remember that Walker and his GOP legislative allies included a unique fast-track for Foxconn state court legal matters to the Walker/corporate friendly State Supreme Court.

About which I wrote a few months ago:
Set aside the significant environmental and socio-economic issues raised by an unprecedented binge of sprawl development on rural land filled with wetlands near Lake Michigan; the loan payback schedule is pretty ambitious for a project described as three times the footprint of the Pentagon.
A deal that is sure to attract litigation over probable private property condemnation, unique environmental permit exemptions and special judicial favors awarded to Foxconn by the deal...
How big is Mount Pleasant's legal staff, and what kind of travel or outside attorneys' budgets does it have?
Here is a complete archive of the Foxconn deal.
Fast forward to earlier this week:

Foxconn and local governments which have moved quickly to seize property 

for the project may have a harder time shucking off this lawsuit because it raises Federal civil rights issues, and will be heard by a Federal court. 

As I recall, this important reporting by the Journal Sentinel's Bruce Vielmetti ran as an inside sidebar to a larger story. 
A dozen residents who would lose their homes to the Foxconn Technology Group project have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Village of Mount Pleasant and its president.

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