Friday, January 26, 2018

Walker's weaknesses exposed in State of State speech, dull record

In his State of the State speech Wednesday, Walker ran away from Foxconn and other issues that disregard out-state Wisconsin, and he also ran away from the environment despite the state's legacy which he's turned over to big business for exploitation as as it wishes.

Offering parents a $100 per-child tax credit shows that he knows he needs quick relief from the heavy baggage he's carrying into the campaign even if the pandering is embarrassingly obvious.

Walker is still the front-runner with an incumbent's fund-raising, media and free 'state business' travel advantages.

But the flip side - - two terms of job creation failure, youth prison violence, spreading deer herd disease, rampant river and well water contamination and road disintegration - - reveal the wobbly state of his campaign, the State of the State speech and Wisconsin's ability to attract tourists, recruit new residents and keep the people who live here now.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Walker has "negative incumbency." At least 48% of voters know this guy is an untrustworthy crook with a lousy track record on job growth. And there isn't enough money or photo ops available to change that.

Combine that with a motivated Dem electorate (unlike 2010 and 2014),and I think Walker is losing. And he's sure ACTING like he's losing and desperate.