Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Foxconn-area rural town balks at project's sprawl demands

I'd said two months ago that the Lake Michigan diversion application which Foxconn-area communities would need to make to get the mega-plant the water it will need was a significant-undercover story?

Well, people in the Town of Yorkville, (pop. about 3,000) have that issue on their radar, and decided they will not be a party to the diversion process - - throwing a monkey wrench into the gears - - and, further, they do not support a major rezoning that would remake the agricultural character of much town land.

Details, details. Good for the town, home to true conservationists,.

I'll add this development to my Foxconn archive posting.


Anonymous said...

The population of Yorkville is solidly Republican. It will be interesting to see how badly Walker needs their votes.

Anonymous said...

Good for Yorkville, and hope their efforts extend elsewhere around the area.

This whole diversion scheme was, not surprisigly, originally pushed by Waukesha--home of Scott Walker's base and shady lawyer/AG Brad Schimel: aimed at the Great Lakes Compact. Somehow they pushed it through, paving the way for Foxconn now trying to do their own damage.

Hope Yorkville can disrupt the Fox-con, as Walker and our State here are imposing hugely on Wisconsinite's indvidual liberties.