Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fake fiscal conservatives push Foxconn handouts to $4.5 billion

The con is getting more expensive and it could outfox Walker.

Raise your hand if you are surprised that the unprecedented $3 billion subsidy package showered on on Foxconn just a few months ago by Walker and his band of GOP small government legislative hypocrites has already ballooned to a projected $4.5 billion, state government data show.

Seeing no hands raised, read on.

That's $4.5 billion not available statewide for schools still not made whole from Walker's first budget's massive cuts, roads rated second-worst nationally, and entrepreneurial, start-up business growth in which Wisconsin is repeatedly rated dead last.

Running around the state as Walker does in a red pullover from the UW-Madison he did not attend, whose budgets he's cut and whose faculty he's kicked around will fade as a workable distraction as his re-election campaign slogs on under the weight of his bad Foxconn bet with other people's money no longer available to fix hometown problems.

And failing to be a job-creator when even today there's a plant closing in Walker's Waukesha base county that includes the loss of dozens of long-standing, good-paying union jobs will confront Walker on the campaign trail.

Where Walker saying 'Foxconn 2020 or 2030 or 20-never,' or 'calling all Chicago millennials' won't satisfactorily answer in Northern or Western Wisconsin or in Milwaukee or the Fox Valley for laid-off workers at Oscar Mayer, Caterpillar, or GE Waukesha, or Marathon County paper mills, or Manitowoc machine works the 'what have you done for me lately' question.

"Follow the money' will become 'where's our money?"

Here's one post about Foxconn continually updated since July.


Anonymous said...

It will not surprise me if the final figure comes in somewhere around 7 billion. Miller Park anyone? Zoo interchange?

Anonymous said...

I hope this number is making it out to rural folks who voted for Walker because he was going to cut their taxes and create jobs so their kids could live down the block. He is literally working against their desire to preserve their towns.