Monday, January 22, 2018

Milwaukee showed temp rise last year; other WI cities, yes and no

The New York Times has posted an interactive site showing the annual mean temperature changes for cities worldwide in 2017 - -  the second-warmest year on record. 
The Sun by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - 20100819.jpg
I ran a few Wisconsin cities through the site. 

Milwaukee's annual mean temperature rose in 2017 by 2.7 degrees - - equal to the increase in Los Angeles and exceeding the boost in Minneapolis and Miami, for example.

Cities like Green Bay, Wausau and Eau Claire recorded lesser increases.

And while Sheboygan's annual mean temp fell 1.1 degrees and Superior's declined by 0.2 - - don't say "lake effect" - - because, remember, Milwaukee's mean temp went up.

And so did Racine's - - by 1.9 degree.

While Waukesha, far inland, showed a 0.1 degree drop.

Maybe there's someone else out there above my pay grade who can say something definitive about Wisconsin's data.

Perhaps a single state is too small a region about which definitive analyses can be made. 

Likewise for one year's data.

But worldwide trends - - whether temperate increase, CO2 buildup, sea ice decrease, sea level rise, etc. - -  are obviously perilous.

Also troubling in the extreme: Scott Walker and the Wisconsin DNR's wipe out of previously-posted climate change data and the Trump administration top down, US EPA-managed attack on climate change data, science, funding, experts and reality.

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