Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Media inquiries slow the Foxconn eviction machine

Props to the Journal Sentinel for forcing Foxconn to behave like a somewhat more reasonable corporate citizen.
After starting proceedings to evict four Sturtevant families from their homes with the minimum time notice allowed by state law, Foxconn Technology Group reversed course following a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel inquiry about the situation.
Not surprising that the company would run roughshod over people since Walker's only-for-Foxconn subsidy bill allows the company to bulldoze and abuse the land at will

As I predicted in a recent post in my Foxconn Fever archive:
Undercovered Foxconn questions demand answers. Again.
*  Prediction: illegal work shifts won't be the only ugly story you read about Foxconn practices in the coming months and years.

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Anonymous said...

The JSonline is reporting that a dozen residents who would lose their homes to the Foxconn Technology Group project have filed a federal civil rights lawsuits against the Village of Mount Pleasant and its president.

At the same time, Yorkville is looking to amend its comprehensive plan, as well as to incorporate as a village. “Updating our comprehensive plan will assist our long-term planning efforts and provide our residents with control over what happens to our land,” said Yorkville Town Board Chairman Peter Hansen in a press release. “The proposed amendment, along with the town’s plans to incorporate into a village, will best position Yorkville to benefit from the development happening around us as a result of Foxconn.”

I wonder if this will lead to more bills being passed by the legislature to restrict local control to facilitate FoxConn?