Wednesday, January 10, 2018

NC is the tax haven? So how did it lose Foxconn to WI?

I noticed in this conservative prescription for Wisconsin policymakers a call for more tax reform because states like North Carolina were leaving Bucky in the dust: 
State policy-makers deserve credit for recent reforms that allow billions of dollars to remain in the private economy. But other states such as North Carolina have enacted comprehensive tax reforms over the past few years, leaving Wisconsin at a disadvantage.
Just for the record, North Carolina couldn't get close to Wisconsin in a head-to-head contest over which state could offer the biggest state tax breaks and subsidies, ever:
RALEIGH, N.C. – North Carolina promised tax breaks and other incentives worth more than $570 million to attract a Foxconn electronics plant that could employ 8,800 people, but the state lost out to Wisconsin’s five-times-larger offer, documents released Monday show.
Wisconsin beat North Carolina, and others, to set this mark:
The total incentive package is 10 times larger than anything ever approved in Wisconsin and would be the biggest state subsidy to a foreign company in the United States.
Here's one updated blog archive about Foxconn that began in July. 


Anonymous said...

Notice how when they were shopping their plant to NC it was going to create up to 8800 jobs? So apparently all that's needed to get the deal of the century from the Wauwatosa Whiffer is to just double the jobs claim. I guess we poor Badgers are supposed to feel fortunate that they didn't quadruple the claim to over 35,000 jobs.

Anonymous said...

Walker may have doubled the job claim, but Foxcon's CEO Gou always only mentions 3000 jobs.