Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Key WI DNR wetlands page omits the cool development news

I'm recommending some deep editing of Scott Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' DNR web pages.

You'd think I'd be the last person to make such a recommendation, given that I'm the one who first noticed and publicized the agency's scrub of climate change science and materials from its web pages.

But there's no disputing that the DNR's main web page about wetlands - - below - - is way too 1990's out of date.

Remember that Walker began enabling wetlands filling for insiders in the early days of his first term followed by subsequent special-interest wetland 'management' victories.

And now we've had the DNR's green-lighting of wetlands-filling for the controversial Kohler golf course, and a bigger fill for a sand mine, and the ruling party's green-lighting of even bigger, precedent-setting wetlands-filling by Foxconn in a flood-prone area, and now the probable removal by the Legislature of wetlands-protections statewide, so the DNR is going to have to better align all those changes to the state's identity and landscape with this language on its wetlands web page, below.
Wetlands benefit people and natureProtectwetlands through land use planning, acquisition and wetland protection laws.Restorewetlands to improve wetland health and function and by re-establishing destroyed wetlands.Explorewetlands by getting your feet wet and learning about their wonders. 
Wetlands are nurseries for fish and wildlife, purifiers for lakes, rivers and groundwater, and storage for floodwaters. 
They’re also playgrounds for birders, hikers, hunters and paddlers, and a storehouse for carbon, one of the greenhouse gases fueling climate change. 
Please help protect, restore and explore Wisconsin’s wetland wonders.
Where should the DNR start its editing?

Well, that whole "Protect wetlands through land use planning, acquisition and wetlands preservation laws" is totally anachronistic, given that GOP legislators are working overtime to sell permit-free wetland-fill voodoo and get it to Walker's desk for a signature.

And maybe add a tab titled "Fill" or "Develop.

Or one that says, "Filling permits going away!"

And someone is going to have to get rid of that heretical line which claims (fake news) that wetlands "are a storehouse for carbon, one of the greenhouse gases fueling climate change."

Also, the diminished state of Wisconsin wetlands which the DNR has been documenting throughout Walker's years in office should be brought more into line with the increased contamination of Wisconsin's rivers and streams during his tenure, given that the number of polluted waterways is likely to increase if there are fewer wetlands to act as the "purifiers" which the DNR web page still claims, above.

So the DNR is going to have update its messaging to better define and publicize Walker's achievements.

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