Monday, January 29, 2018

Foxconn's water diversion will exceed Waukesha's initial diverted usage

Talk about a big gulp, and a big need to get its return done right.

Foxconn could be using seven million gallons of Lake Michigan daily, exceeding the  average 6.1 million gallons daily Waukesha will pipe in from Milwaukee for its entire service territory beginning in 2023.

Waukesha has about 20,000 water uses in all categories.

The rules covering the diversion for Foxconn are not as demanding as those that helped delay Waukesha's bid, so the required approval for the Foxconn diversion by Wisconsin's DNR only should be without serious obstacles.

Of bigger concern: That all potential hazards and pollutants are successfully removed from the water before Foxconn wastewater is returned to Lake Michigan. 

Let's just say no "sudsy" discharges will be welcomed, like those described here: 
...published reports [show] Foxconn's finger-pointing disdain for rules on the books: 
Chinese electronics suppliers FoxconnT echnology Group and UniMicron Technology Corp. have been criticized by Chinese environmental activist Ma Jun and five nonprofit environmental organizations for polluting nearby rivers with factory chemicals. 
According to the environmental groups, water with a black-green color and a chemical odor have been dumped from both Foxconn and UniMicron plants into the Huangcangjing and Hanputang rivers -- which feed into the Yangtze and Huangpu rivers. 
“Sudsy” water is dumped from Foxconn twice a day...
I'll add this item to my Foxconn archive, here.

Editor's note: headline revised almost immediately.

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