Monday, November 5, 2012

Walker Bungled Train Contract; State Sued For Millions

Good job, fiscal conservatives!


Reagan's Disciple said...

Rather be sued for Millions than on the hook for 100s of millions.

CJ said...

RD- Flip comment. No substance.

Did you read the JS article. Walker & Co- not exactly fiscally responsible or operating in good fatih. With a tag of 42 mil plus cost, we might just be looking at 100+ mil and have NO train.

But given how Walker's directed the WEDC, I would expect no less.

Empty pockets for taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is lying about test results.

From this news report.

"DOT spokeswoman Peg Schmitt ... said the firm had "failed to complete or test the train sets and they do not meet even basic federal standards, such as those required under the Americans with Disabilities Act."

It seems the test results according to this report were successful.