Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rove Offers Worst Spin Of GOP's Election Fail

The party that tried to limit voting and spent hundreds of millions in ads to defeat the president provides Greg Sargent with the heart of this report

In an intriguing coincidence, [David] Axelrod’s comments about [Karl] Rove came at roughly the same moment as the GOP operative appeared on TV to claim that the Obama campaign won by “suppressing the vote” with negative ads that “turned off” voters.


A. Wag said...

The Evil Toll Karl Rove doubles down on his assness.

Boxer said...

You'd think the "brilliant" Karl Rove could come up with a better excuse than this.

enoughalready said...

Rove is such a joke. As if his Crossroads GPS did not flood my phone with negative calls and my mailbox with negative flyers. Why anybody listens to anything he has to say is beyond me. And he has always been full of it. This is nothing new.