Monday, November 5, 2012

On Endorsements, State Journal Proves Journal Sentinel's Point

The Journal Sentinel said it was getting out of the campaign endorsement business.

Endorsements are a relic of a time when every town had more than one newspaper, of a time long before the wide river of commentary now available to anyone with a smartphone. We think the better approach is to thoughtfully analyze individual issues, clearly explain our views and then reserve most of our space for readers to interact and for commentary from columnists and experts from across the political spectrum.
Which is not to say that relics aren't still laying around.

Now comes the Wisconsin State Journal - - the local daily in a city where President Obama will win somewhere around two-thirds of the vote - - on the eve of what may be the first or second-largest political rally in Madison history Monday when President Obama comes to town (Obama's 2008 closing rally, largest in Madison history, drew about 100,000) - - to endorse Mitt Romney.

Paraphrasing the long-gone State Journal scribe Roundy Coughlin:

'What could be more relic-er?'


Anonymous said...

In a blue state there's a factor of high unemployment and a sense of hopelessness that inspires a real need for change.

Perhaps that endorsement is a very real gut check to the question: What else can Obama do that he already hasn't tried?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

In a blue state there's a factor of high unemployment and a sense of hopelessness that inspires a real need for change.

Sure, but Walker was re-elected anyway.

I would argue that the governor of a state is able to affect employment far more than the President.

Or is it that "Stay the course" is only applicable to Republican politicians?

Anonymous said...

Well Zombie, thanks for explaining why Wisconsin's unemployment rate is below the national average.

The majority of Wisconsin voters deserve more credit than you give them.

Another "revenge" voter.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Gutless anonymous windbag from 4:38pm-You have a big problem with your statement. Wisconsin was much further below the national unemployment rate when Walker took over (7.6% in Wisconsin vs. 9.1% U.S.).

Now that 1.5% difference is becoming near even. The U.S. has dropped over 1% while Wisconsin's is only down 0.3% vs. was 21 months ago. The independent variable is the failed Scott Walker and WisGOP policies.

But since the Wisconsin State Journal is owned by anti-union Lee Enterprises, it is no surprised they back the GOP. And it's also no surprise that their profits have gone in the tank, causing layoffs in the last year as people see through their BS and refuse to pay another dime for that underperforming rag.

As they say in

Anonymous said...

Wel Jake, let's factor in the massive layoffs in public education destined to happen had not Act 10 been implemented AND the one time 2 program Obama false hope stimulas and Teach for America program which has now caused big budget gaps. Had teachers not been required to co-pay pension contributions and health insurance, they would have been fired. More teachers on unemployment and larger class sizes. That's the way Wisconsin was under public employee union control.
Thank you Scot Walker. BTW Nice speech tonight. I was front row.

Boxer said...

Anonymous 12:36 AM: Just like a 12-year old girl at a Back Street Boys concert.

A. Wag said...

close enuf to throw his panties on the stage!

Anonymous said...

More revenge voters.

What great adult examples of how to express your free speech. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Who are the revenge voters?