Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GOP Driven Right To Oblivion

[Originally posted at Purple Wisconsin]

Steering the GOP to the harder, exclusionary, anti-Obama Tea Party right, and reveling in the selection of the local non-performer Paul Ryan helped lead the party to a big fall.

Does anyone seriously think the GOP, circa 2012, has a future as a majority party as the minority population is growing and the country is embracing a more tolerant political culture?

And at the very moment the country is rejecting an inherently unfair philosophy that rewards the wealthy with more perks and underwrites legislation aimed at pushing woman back into second-class status?

I don't expect the GOP to reform itself and head for the mainstream because its funders and Congressional leaders - - Exhibit "A," Mitch McConnell - -  and its propagandists, from Rush Limbaugh to Charlie Sykes - - are more narrow-minded and ideologically-conservative than the rest of the country.

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Gareth said...

Unfortunately this also offers an opportunity for the national Democratic party to drift a little more to the right, at a time when
Obama's 'Grand Bargain' on Social Security and Medicare may leave many voters feeling betrayed. I wouldn't want to be the 2016 candidate who has to follow that act.