Thursday, November 1, 2012

Feature Story About WI Girl, 14, And Her Trapped Wolf Kill

Trap it, then shoot it.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Shooting helpless animals that are unable to get away is a traditional activity popularized by Dick Cheney.

But it's not hunting.

Anonymous said...

Trap it. Leave it overnight in agony and then shoot it. Look at that Wolve's left paw. See how mangled it is?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is how wolves are captured, whether to be tagged and collared for research or killed to effectively manage their numbers and to obtain valuable fur pelts. Are you madison liberals too dense to understand this?

Reagan's Disciple said...


How old are you 12? Hunting was popular long before Cheney. In fact, hunting has been popular in the United States prior to us even becoming a country.

It is hard to believe that people like you are that uninformed.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...


My point is that shooting a trapped animal isn't hunting.

Try to insult me all you want, Even a 12 year old can understand that.

Of course, I was referring to Cheney's preferred hunting method, the canned hunt.

Anonymous said...

You can't eat a wolf. The hide is pretty worthless. Wolves are hunted for trophy and if they are killing livestock. The only way to actually get one is to bait it and trap it because they are very shy. You are not thinning a herd of the weak ones when you hunt this way. They don't decimate the deer population - they don't eat that much. The ones they do eat are the weak and sick ones. The ones that will starve if the wolves don't get them. The ones that aren't all that attractive to human hunters. There is nothing noble in this wolf hunt.

Anonymous said...

The wolf kill has now hit 50; only 66 to go to the first successful wolf harvest in Wisconsin. Congratulations to all those dedicated conservationists who realize that proper management is the key to a sustainable and acceptable wolf population.