Wednesday, November 9, 2011

State Rep. Brett Hulsey, Others, Oppose Wasteful Bridge

Point to $700 million expenditure on the table while crucial infrastructure remains degraded.

The Wisconsin end of the bridge serves a very few people, say Wisconsin Democratic Reps. Hulsey, Berceau, Roys, Taylor, and others in Minnesota and Wisconsin:

The 30 legislators also say that funding the new bridge would sap resources from the two states that could be better used elsewhere. Says their letter:

Much more fiscally responsible alternative designs exist, and those savings could be invested in the many road and bridge safety improvement projects languishing all across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Furthermore, the alternative plan significantly reduces noise and air pollution and protects the environmental and recreational integrity of the Lower St. Croix River.
And it concludes:

We urge you to reject the wasteful and ill-conceived H.R. 850, and work with the communities and leaders of Minnesota and Wisconsin to help build the bridge that is actually needed, and free necessary resources to help address our respective states’ serious and growing infrastructure safety needs.
Brett Hulsey

This a bipartisan pork barrel bridge to a town of 386 while more than 2000 WI, MN bridges are at risk. $s

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