Monday, November 7, 2011

Special "We Got Jobbed " Legislative Session Flops

A few bills passed with little job-creating significance, unless you add the mandated to teach abstinence in sex-ed classes.

Even the Journal Sentinel, which supported calling the session, and backed Walker's job-creating pledge with its endorsement during the 2010 campaign, was underwhelmed, and sarcastic about the session:

Now, we were skeptical at first. Who would have thought that some of these ideas would create jobs?
Ideas such as opening liquor stores at 6 a.m. (instead of the ungodly late hour of 8)? Capping lawyers' fees? Allowing handguns in most parts of the Capitol?
My list was a little longer, but I saw a method in the charade:
This legislative farce and dismissal of the real world is taking place on the public dime at the Capitol in Madison as jobs continue to drain away from the state, and as the State Department of Revenue has said Scott Walker's 250,000 new jobs pledge is unattainable.

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Anonymous said...

The abstinence-only sex-ed bill might eventually result in more jobs for OBGYNs and daycare workers.