Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If Scott Walker Really Held Eagle Scout Values...

He'd want to win any contest - - including a recall challenge to his incumbency - - fair and square.

Because he always does the right thing.

Scout's honor. His words.

But Walker has ignored the message in this sample charge to Eagle Scouts' of "honest work, unselfish citizenship" all year:

...I charge you to undertake your citizenship with a solemn dedication. Be a leader, but, lead only towards the best. Lift up every task you do and every office you hold to the high level of service to god and to your fellow man. So live and serve that these who know you, will be inspired to the finest living. We have too many who use their strength and their brains to exploit others and to gain selfish ends. I charge you to be among those who dedicate their skills and ability to the common good. Build America on the solid foundations of clean living, honest work, unselfish citizenship and reverence for god and, whatever others say or may do, you leave behind you a record of which every Scout may be justly proud. 
Instead he wants to rig or benefit from selfishly-altered recall and related election processes - - again bringing to mind the tawdry student election on the Marquette University campus in 1988 where his disdain for rules and fairness in elections appears to have begun.
His sophomore year, Walker ran for president of the Associated Students of Marquette University (ASMU, the former title for Marquette Student Government). He was accused of violating campaign guidelines on multiple occasions.

The [Marquette] Tribune reported then that he was found guilty of illegal campaigning two weeks before his candidacy became official. Later, a Walker campaign worker was seen placing brochures under doors at the YMCA. Door-to-door campaigning was strictly prohibited.
Walker initially denied this but later admitted to the violation, which resulted in lost campaign privileges at the YMCA.

In the run-up to election day, the Tribune’s editorial board endorsed Walker’s opponent John Quigley, but said either candidate had the potential to serve effectively.

However, the Tribune revised its editorial the following day, calling Walker “unfit for presidency.” The column cited Walker’s distribution of a mudslinging brochure about Quigley that featured statements such as “constantly shouting about fighting the administration” and “trying to lead several ineffective protests of his own.”

The revision also expressed disappointment in Walker’s campaign workers reportedly throwing away issues of the Tribune after the endorsement was initially made.
Walker dismissed this, saying he had no knowledge of what his supporters did, according to a Tribune article from February 25, 1988
Walker is as Walker was, and does.


Anonymous said...

horI'm wondering, if anyone, has the time and the wherewithall to investigate exactly WHY Scott Walker left MU when he had only one semester to finish. I don't(nor would any other common sense individual) believe it was solely the opportunity of an exciting career with the Red Cross.

Could this "hanky-panky" regarding the MU election be the tip of the iceberg? If Obama was pestered enough to release his birth certificate, could Scott Walker be pestered enough to release his academic and conduct records at MU?

Just wondering!

James Rowen said...

It would take a commitment by mainstream reporters in print, radio and TV to bring that pressure on Walker, and I do not think they have it in them, collectively.

Anonymous said...

According to the National Eagle Scout Website
Scott Walker is not listed as a Notable Eagle Scout:


I think it's time to start a Eagle Scouter movement. Show us the metal Scooter.

Anonymous said...

it's interesting that Rick Perry ( N..head Ranch Owner)
is listed as a notable Eagle Scout yet Scott Walker is not.


A. Wag said...

Both Perry and Walker should be on the dishonorable Eagle Scout roll.

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry has been Governor of the 2nd largest state in the Union for over 10 years. Scott Walker just got into office. Although the things Governor Walker is doing for Wisconsin are historic, he has not been in office long enough to attain the popular notoriety that others have.