Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thank You, Appleton Post-Crescent

Outagamie County and Appleton, its County seat, are in the generally conservative Fox River Valley.

Scott Walker beat Tom Barrett in Outagamie County gubernatorial balloting 54%-45% - - a couple of points better than the statewide percentages.

The John Birch Society relocated its headquarters to Appleton from Texas, and red-baiting Joe McCarthy, born on a nearby farm, is buried there.

So imagine my surprise at an editorial the other day in the home town Post-Crescent that dumped on Gov. Walker for telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he wasn't responsible for the political turmoil gripping the state ever since he "dropped the [collective bargaining bomb]:

On the same subject, Walker also said that, in regard to the increased and continuing polarization in the state, "Where has that polarization come from? Where have the attacks come from? They haven't come from what we said. … I said to the teachers, 'I never attacked.'

Walker's recent statements show there's still a disconnect in his mind between his actions and the reactions to it.

You'd think he would have caught on to that by now.

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Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is a horrible human being. He is the worst leader to come out of Wisconsin. He IS responsible for the polarization in Wisconsin. I only pray we can survive him.