Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ryan Slammed In Washington Post

Paul Ryan doesn't know how to interpret polls about his Medicare plan, a Washington Post columnist says. The "total denial" label is applied.

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Max B said...

And yet he persists in sending out communications such as this one, in the in-box this morning. (I love the part where he says he'll "unleash the forces of the free market to create jobs." . . . . as if the forces hadn't been unleashed already, resulting in record unemployment, record home foreclosures, and a near-depression. Thanks for the offer, Paul, but tie them back up again.

Congressman Paul Ryan

America in the Balance

Dear Fellow Conservative,

America is at a tipping point.

Unemployment remains staggeringly high at 9.1%. The national debt has surged to over $14.3 trillion and growing. The price of gas has doubled under President Obama and food prices are soaring. Forty-three cents of every dollar Washington spends is borrowed. And our most cherished freedoms and values are under attack like never before by our own government.

The Republican Party has a plan to put America back on the path to prosperity and we need the support of grassroots leaders like you for it to take hold and succeed.

In 2010, you and millions of Americans put your faith in Republicans to get our nation's fiscal house in order by electing a GOP majority to the U.S. House. These men and women didn't come to Washington for a career -- they came for a cause that's bigger than you or me.

It's the cause to get this country on the right track by paying off our spiraling debt, fulfilling the mission of retirement security and getting the economy growing again.

Republicans in the U.S. House are working hard to keep our charge. We've made steady progress by passing a 2012 budget that cuts spending so government lives within its means, reduces the deficit, unleashes the forces of the free market to create jobs, reforms the tax code so it’s fairer and tackles entitlement reform.

Unfortunately, our budget doesn't have a chance of getting a fair shake by Harry Reid in the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate -- let alone of surviving President Obama's veto pen unscathed.

The only way Republicans can right our ship and get America on a sustainable path to economic growth and prosperity is to expand our majority in the U.S. House, recapture the U.S. Senate and elect a Republican president in 2012.

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Thank you in advance for your generous support of the RNC and for your commitment to our cause.


Paul Ryan
Congressman (WI-1)

P.S. America cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama's never-ending trillion dollar deficits and his tax, borrow and spend big government agenda. We need real leadership in the Oval Office and a Republican-controlled Congress to get our fiscal house in order and our economy turned around. Please support our cause by making a secure online contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to the RNC today. Your gift is an important investment in helping elect a Republican president, Congress and more GOP governors in 2011-2012. Thank you.

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