Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Of Paul Ryan's Wine-Drinking Pals A Key Wall Street Insider

According to TPM, one of House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan's $350-per-bottle wine-drinking cohort at the trendy Bistro Bis restaurant in DC was Cliff Asness.

Along with others, Asness used ultra-fast computer models to ferret out and exploit market moves, thus piling up wins and helping drive the market into more exotic territories - - until the whole house of cards collapsed.

Google him, and throw in the phrase "Quants," as the math-and-computer savvy-technicians were called.


A. Wag said...

Really? A Wall Street market manipulator with the surname of Asness? Really? Weren't the Koch brothers enough? Bernie Madoff-With-the-Dough?

Paul Trotter said...

Sounds like Arness needs to be looked at more closely. The initial article said they were economists.Arness sounds like a gambler to me, the type of gamblers that you suggest James brought the house of cards down. Could Arness be getting Ryan looped to get the "Insider" perspective?