Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Glendale, Wisconsin's Explanation Of Polling Place Closures; Contact Information

I have been blogging for a few days about the decision by the City of Glendale to close all but one of its polling places for the July 12 recall primary in the district of State Sen. Alberta Darling.

Some voters will find their regular polling place closed and will have to go to the City Hall to vote, and even the Mayor is worried about the effect on turnout, so who's in charge there?

The city's Mayor tells GlendaleNow.com he has some reservations:

Mayor Jerry Tepper wondered if one poll would be enough.
"It seems there could be a large turnout," he said. "If we have everything at City Hall, it could discourage some electors."
In a general message to people hitting the Glendale website, Tapper touts his city as exceptionally "progressive," but keeping polling places closed sure makes the city look regressive.

And speaking of the city's web pages, this is what comes up on Glendale's election information web page about the situation:

For the July 12, 2011 Democratic Primary Special Recall Election, those portions of Glendale within the 8th Senate District will be voting at the Glendale City Hall, 5909 North Milwaukee River Parkway. The winner of this Democratic Primary will face the Republican candidate in a Special August 9, 2011 Election.

To view a sample ballot for the next election, please click here and you will be redirected to the Voter Public Access website.
If you have any questions, please call or email the following:
Mary T. F. Willis Assistant City Clerk
(414) 228-1705


Steve Byers said...

And don't forget that poll workers will be forced to ask for photo ID, then explain that you don't have to show it. Those lines are really going to be slow.

Gary S said...

Elections should not be run at the city level. There should be a county election board supervising all elections in the county.

All registrations should also be kept at the county level.

Anonymous said...

Voters' checklist
(2011 Special Recall elections and primaries):

* Photo ID is not required for this summer's recall and primary elections.

* At this summer's elections, voters will be asked to present ID but it will not yet be a requirement for voting.

* If you do not present your ID, expect to be given written information about the 2012 Voter ID requirement.

(source: Watch the Vote!)

Boxer said...

Gary S: You make an interesting point--and I think, a valid one--but I wonder how elections, voter registration, other issues could be manipulated via an inept or (potentially corrupt) County Clerk such as we have here in Waukesha County.