Friday, July 8, 2011

For Its General Recall Election In August, Glendale, WI, Will Open All Polling Places

Assistant City Clerk Mary Willis told me by phone Friday afternoon that the City of Glendale will open all five relevant polling places for the August general election for the seat held by recalled Republican State Sen. Alberta Darling - - but is sticking with only opening the City Hall polling place for all voters in the Democratic primary election next Tuesday.

She said the closed polling places will be posted with notices directing voters to City Hall, and she was satisfied that other notices in media and on websites were sufficient to inform voters about where they could, and could not cast primary ballots.

Willis said the City's decision to open the rest of the polling places for the general election came after "phone calls we received."

I'm glad the City is opening the rest of the relevant polls in Glendale for the August balloting (some Glendale residents are not represented by Darling, so their polling place is not open), but it seems unfair that only people choosing to vote Democratic will have to travel away from their regular polling place to City Hall to vote in their July primary, and thus will shoulder all the inconvenience and risk in the changed location.

As I wondered last week, is this legal?


Anonymous said...

A victory - but what the heck is a relevant poll? That should be clearly defined.

James Rowen said...

Relevant poll is my shorthand for a poll in Glendale that is also in Darling's Senate District. Some Glendale voters are represented by Sen. Lena Taylor.