Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Two things missing in US Rep. Fitzgerald's 1st e-newsletter

Newly-minted Republican US Rep. Scott Fitzgerald posted his first monthly newsletter.

January 29, 2021 

As I wrap up my first month in Congress there is a lot to reflect on....

Let me reflect on a couple of things I don't see in the newsletter.

1. Any mention of Fitzgerald's first vote, which he cast against counting electoral votes after a seditionist mob attacked the Capitol - which is, by the way, Fitzgerald's workplace. 

Which sure makes Fitzgerald's appointment to the House Judiciary Committee a laugher.

2. And where is Glenn Grothman's mask? He's the only person in a group photo Fitzgerald included in his e-newsletter who is not wearing a mask. 

Why Wisconsin keep sending these doofi to the US Congress and continuing to devalue those offices? 


Ken Pickett said...

Gerrymandered maps

Leaping Lynx said...

That's a Rhetorical question, right, James?

James Rowen said...

@ Leaping Lynx: You caught me,

Anchor said...

Wow! Since when do freshman senators get a great committee post like that?

James Rowen said...

Anchor: He's in the House. The Committees are larger. No voting on judges, etc.