Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Ron Johnson, serving Trump, intensifies corruption of a Senate committee

With GOP Majority Leader McConnell's blessing, Wisconsin's leading taxpayer-paid wastrel has ginned up the dirtiest of last-ditch distractions to save Trump's death-infested and dying presidency.

The Wisconsin Senator who voted against the issuance of all witness subpoenas during Trump's impeachment 'trial' and for the acquittal of a dangerously incompetent incumbent President has just engineered as chair of the Homeland Security Committee within weeks of the 2020 election the subpoena of dozens of Obama administration officials to aid Trump's re-election and further enable Trump's above-the-law-below-the-belt behaviors.

The committee’s action Wednesday targets several high-profile individuals who have long been criticized by Trump and his allies, including former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and more than two dozen others who are will receive deposition notices. 
Wednesday’s vote also allows Johnson to issue subpoenas for documents and testimony to McCabe and James Baker, the FBI’s former top lawyer, in addition to top Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and Stefan Halper, who was an informant for the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation that targeted the Trump campaign.

Servitude to Trump at taxpayer expense has been Johnson's pattern for some time 

and cements his legacy as Wisconsin's worst US Senator ever - a status no one had been able for decades to wrest away from disgraced Senate abuser Joseph McCarthy, (R).

McCarthy’s mighty perch on the permanent investigations subcommittee allowed him to inflict maximum damage on the body politic, giving him unchecked power to subpoena government officials, Hollywood screenwriters, authors...journalists, and ordinary citizens. The senator put them under oath in front of cameras and badgered them about their supposed Commie ties and those of their acquaintances, threatening contempt of Congress—and possible jail terms—when they didn’t acquiesce.

More about Johnson's McCarthylike service to Trump is here, and from June, here.

Trump operates above the law. Ron Johnson helped with that.

As Trump continues to throw the country into repeated and dangerous, pre-election constitutional crises, it's worth revisiting Ron Johnson's blanket blasé excuse-making that kept Trump from being removed after his impeachment. 
Johnson: Finding That Trump Broke Law Not Relevant In Impeachment Trial 

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