Sunday, January 10, 2021

Lincoln legacy backers target WI GOP Senator where party was founded

One of Trump's most repulsive boasts was his self-serving yet flippant connection to the 'late, great Abe Lincoln.'

A comparison which Trump later downgraded at Lincoln's expense:

Trump suggests Lincoln’s legacy is ‘questionable,’ brags about his own work for Black Americans

But now one of Trump's most loyal Republicans in Wisconsin is learning that a 'not-late/still-great' Lincoln revival is coming his way courtesy of Honest Abe adherents who helped turn the state and nation Joe Biden's way in November.

Why not close that circle where the Republican Party was founded?

Out with the hypocrites, in with the ironies.

Having already stepped away from his two-terms-only pledge - first reported here in 2017 and reprised, for example here in October - and in recent weeks  also abandoned his oath of office, Wisconsin's senior Party of Lincoln [sic] Senator and conspiratorial seditionist Ron Johnson 

may find the biggest obstacle to the third term he said he wouldn't seek is, irony of ironies, a highly-motivated group of fallen-away Party of Lincoln activists dedicated to demolishing the Cult of Trump.

The Lincoln Project.


The Lincoln Project is holding accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution and would put others before Americans.

And the Lincoln Project added this message to others sent Johnson's way after he undermined the traditional, Constitutionally-mandated counting of states' electoral votes before his 'damage-already-done' CYA change of mind: 

"The campaign against you will be the one you earned with your betrayal and sedition," Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt tweeted Sunday. "When we are done you will be an American villain who exceeds even the wretched McCarthy in ignominy."

Make sense, don't you think? That people who revere Lincoln, the union and the Constitution would try and oust a latter-day Joe McCarthy who undermined the union and Constitution for which Lincoln gave his life.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy put it all in context:


Everyone’s Dumping on Ron Johnson

It’s been a great week for Ron Johnson haters. His attacks on the legal election of Joe Biden have been attacked by Morning Joe, the Lincoln Project and a rare Journal Sentinel editorial.... 

And beyond Johnson’s demagoguery on the presidential election is another issue that also goes to his integrity. He was reelected in 2016 after promising voters he would retire after serving a second term. Now, as the JS editorial noted, “he has the audacity” to consider breaking that promise and run for another term. The media across the state are aware of that promise and might want to remind voters of it.




Vivian said...

I would loveeeee to see him gone.

Anonymous said...

Well, before Ronnie hitched his horse to President Terrorist in such a big way, he should've remembered the adage: when you sup with the Devil, bring a long spoon.