Friday, March 22, 2019

Walker's 'columns' could combine half-baked food, ideas

Food for thought and questions about Walker's new columnist gig at the Moonie paper in DC:

From Twitter today:

Read my new column in :
OK: Like, who's the ghost-writer?

And will there be column art of his oft-tweeted half-eaten meals to illustrate his half-baked ideas? With a side of word salad?

From Twitter March 14:

Got some great ribs and corn bread 🇺🇸

From Twitter today:
Food was outstanding at Rossini Trattoria in Fort Charlotte, FL & Maurice sang too.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

So our terminated ex-governor is now a weekly columnist for the Washington Times? Ooooooh! I’m so impressed. Anyone who believes that that rag is a legitimate alternative to the Washington Post probably also believes that the Monkees were the American version of the Beatles.

Joe R said...

The Washington Times was founded by Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church in 1982. The church still owns it. A perfect Moonie platform for Walker's loony blathering.

Anonymous said...

It is so fascinating that not one of the corporations he gave tax credits to through the manufacturers and Ag tax credit kickback scheme has seen fit to give him a paying gig on a board. Most board members are paid in the hundreds of thousands to attend 4 meetings a year and do very little. His former donors must not think he is capable of even attending a few meetings. I can understand why he is desperately tweeting food pics and anti-AOC nonsense. They are going to be rationing the orange juice in the Walker household soon and he must be freaking out.

Peter Felknor said...

Those ribs looked good, before he took a bite of them.