Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fixing roads, rivers and wells are the vital WI '18 issues

Running against Republican politicians statewide and especially against an indifferent Scott Walker this year is as simple as pledging to fix the state's broken roads, polluted rivers and dirty wells.

This isn't rocket science. It's barely political science. Just call it common sense, as: 

*  Kewaunee County, your contaminated wells have company in Eau Claire County completely across the state, because Walker and his party first and foremost meet the demands of Big Ag, and Big Dairy and Big Donor:
Nearly one-fourth of local private well samples test positive for nitrate contamination
*  Our roads are second-worst in the US. Everyone knows that Foxconn is disproportionally draining highway spending statewide, and all big city motorists can relate to their rural Wisconsin neighbors where potholes are now measured in miles: 
In Small Wisconsin Towns, Paved Roads Return To Gravel
*  And the state's waterways - - sources of drinking water, tourist dollars and everyday recreation and peace of mind - - are far more polluted than before Walker took power - - again because Walker and his allies in the Legislature enjoying illegitimate gerrymandering power are less interested in public health and absolutely attuned to special-interest, incumbency-insuring, donor-driven demands: 
WI waterway pollution skyrockets during Walker, GOP reign

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Anonymous said...

I advocate sending state and federal Wisconsin legislators plastic containers of tap water from Kewaunee faucets.

The brown, fecal-infused water may clear things up for Wisconsin pols, who have become largely an out-of-touch class, (no matter the Party), with objectives composed of nothing so much as a salary, benefits, including a pension.

I include Sen. Tammy Baldwin in this class. Ask around in the peninsula.