Thursday, February 8, 2018

Vos would out-pander Walker for cheap '18 votes

First it was Walker's transparent (yes, it's a rare concept) appeal for votes with his election-year $100-per-child tax credit gimmick.

Now Assembly Republicans, all of whom are on fall ballots, are out-pandering Walker by proposing to add their own brainstorm - - a one-time, one-week sales-tax holiday in August - - the same month in which the state's primary election is held.

The sales tax exemption would apply to purchases of $100 or less - - don't plan on buying a car or a new grill or an engagement ring to rack up your savings - - so you'd save around $2.50 on a school supply purchase of $50.

Don't ever say these guys are big or clever thinkers, or are serious about dealing with budgets big or small.

The Assembly's message: why let Walker hog all the headlines and scoop up any cheaply-swayed votes 
Picture of Representative Robin Vos
when Robin Vos' crew is certainly Walker's equal in fiscal shenanigans and transparent partisanship?

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