Monday, February 5, 2018

Desperate Walker offers another company Foxconn-level subsidies

WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker is behaving like he just saw some fatal polling data.

I'd said a couple of days ago that Walker loves to give away your money to hang on to power, and right on schedule that same wild spender of your tax dollars wants to do it the unprecedented Foxconn level...for yet another company. 
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker called Monday for giving paper maker Kimberly-Clark a Foxconn-style deal to avoid the closure of plants in Neenah and Fox Crossing.
Foxconn's deal comes out to $200,000 per job, so to save K-C's 600 threatened jobs Walker wants the WEDC to print another $120 million. 

Trying to save those jobs would be good for the state - - though Walker didn't lift a finger when 1,000 Oscar Mayer in Madison left for Chicago and Iowa, and for that matter, many other communities statewide - - data, details about a dozen high-profile examples, here - - when employers large and small shut down and or went elsewhere.

And don't forget that K-C said it would fund the plant closings with savings under the Trump-Ryan tax cut plan, so, first the federal treasury is drained for the company's benefit, and then Walker wants to step in with state money and give the company more and more millions.

Is there no end to the corporate welfare being larded on to the private sector by these phony fiscal conservatives?


Jake formerly of the LP said...

The "fatal poll data" is absolutely the answer, especially in NE Wisconsin, where Walker needs to win big.

I always thought WEDC was created to step,in and pre-empty things like this from happening. Instead, they were again asleep at the wheel. How come? Too tied up with the Fox-con? Or did Kimberly-Clark not donate to the cause, so the WEDC slush fund didn't care to listen?

Lastly, Kimberly-Clark pays near-zero state taxes due to the M&A giveaway, and just got a huge tax break from DC. Why are we offering more help to them instead of improving job training and community quality of life?

Anonymous said...

And the state democratic party's solution is there are always more SNAP benefits. I don't see any suggestions from the liberal democrats for a solution. Walker's idea might not be the best solution, but do the liberal have any solutions? Any at all???

Jake formerly of the LP said...

There are plenty, kid.

Fix the roads, and have a minimum wage high enough that workers don't need SNAP like they do today, and stop union-busting so skilled jobs pay enough to be worth pursuing.

Also- invest in the schools so the workforce is better, and improve community quality of life by protecting the environment and improved transit. And make the rich and corporate pay their fair share, which discourages profit-hoarding and gambling on the stock market over actually MAKING A PRODUCT.

Just because you rely on lame talking points, it doesn't mean that there aren't liberal ideas on the economy out there. And they all work better than the failed, trickle-down garbage Walker promotes.

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for some conservative law maker or Gannett editor to propose legislation to pay people to move from the Fox Valley to Mount Pleasant and work at FoxConn. Of course, they would have to pee in a cup but what's a little pee when you could have a job that pays close to what? $15/ hour? Maybe half or less of what they are getting at Kimberly-Clark. And they lose their pensions and most of their benefits.

Yeah Wisconsin, government that works for you - or at least for the corporations that contribute to Walker and the GOP.