Thursday, February 1, 2018

Gov. No Tax Increases OK with a gas tax increase

Basically, Foxconn is to Walker what The Wall is to Trump. Any funding source, any narrative regardless of contradiction, will do. 

Desperate for a federal bailout to pay for Foxconn highways that are stripping hundreds of millions from other projects statewide, Walker says he's open to a gas tax increase if that will open some federal purse strings.

But to stay 'true' to his purported opposition to raising taxes, and to evade the Flight-Flop-Double-Talk Award of the Year, Walker says he's for raising the gas tax if it's offset by other tax cuts.

That could be another win for Walker, as reduced tax revenue would cripple the public sector and shrink the government, just as Grover Norquist and Walker's Tea Party roots have sought.

So what stupid public services could end up on the chopping block to pay for this tax increase that he'll tell voters isn't a tax and which won't remove a farthing from beloved his Foxconn?

Transit? Education? Health care? 
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Middle class guy said...

I know it’s an old photo, but I chuckle every time I see it. Walker is holding the fishing rod upside down. What a sportsman! I travel through Milwaukee twice a week. Zoo interchange not completely open. Still delays due to construction.