Friday, February 23, 2018

On Twitter, Walker ignoring FL massacre, gun issues

Nothing from our Governor and NRA favorite on his personal Twitter feed since his 12-word one-liner nine days ago:
 Feb 14MoreOur prayers go out to the families and friends of victims in Florida.
I don't expect to see Walker doing or tweeting a nything in support of Rick Scott, the Florida governor and another NRA-endorsee, who today took on the gun organization today by backing an increased age limit for assault-rife buyers.

Walker has been busy tweeting about things and more extensively, like his campaign merchandise, shoutouts to State Supreme Court hopeful and fellow NRA-endorsee Michael Screnock, lunch in DC with Vice-President Pence, support for athletes at the Winter Olympics, and a glowing birthday salute to George Washington - - "our best President."

Here's the most recent tweet there: 
 3 hours ago3 hours agoMoreTonette and I are in Washington, D.C. for the winter meetings of the . Heading over to the Naval Observatory to join the and for a luncheon with the Governors and First Spouses. 🇺🇸
To be fair, Walker did address the question of arming teachers - - by coming down squarely on both sides of the issue with his familiar dodge-and-stumble rhetoric:
Gov. Scott Walker Wednesday said arguments on both sides need to be looked at closely."It doesn't mean we couldn't do it.  I just think we want to make sure that it's not just a spur of the moment, but that we really look at the details and measure the pluses and minuses," Walker said.
As Walker also did on Feb. 16th, but hasn't used more than week to say something on the subject that's "not just a spur of the moment."

 TMJ4 reports these words:
Meanwhile, Gov. Scott Walker is reacting to the school shooting and what needs to be done in Wisconsin to prevent school shootings like the one in Parkland. 
“Part of this is reexamining and making sure no matter what the issue is that we’re making sure, whether it’s what we saw the other day or it’s explosive, we want everyone to feel safe, but particularly our schools,” he said. 
Walker often moves tweets to his overtly-political account from a second Twitter feed which is an @gov account devoted to official pronouncements and state business without the upfront political content. 

Here's the most current tweet there:
 49 minutes ago49 minutes agoMoreTonette and I joined other Governors and spouses at the home of Mike and Karen Pence. Nice part of the winter meetings.
On that feed he posted a few more items eight days ago related to the Florida massacre, but did not move these to his more partisan feed, perhaps because they indicated some prior interest in gun control for which he openly wants credit:
  1. The last two parts of the law came from legislation I wrote after a shooting at Wauwatosa West High School in 1993.
  2. And it applies to those who were involuntarily committed and have an order not to possess a firearm.
  3. Also, this applies to someone who was found guilty of a crime as a juvenile that would have been a felony as an adult.
  4. In Wisconsin, someone who is a felon cannot possess a firearm.
  5. Wisconsin stands with Florida. Flags will be lowered to half-staff through Monday to honor the victims and families affected by yesterday’s tragic event.

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Anonymous said...

So he now considers Washington to be our best president? Will he and Tonette be celebrating their next anniversary with cherry pie instead of jellybeans?