Friday, February 9, 2018

RoJo must be two-year no-show

Suddenly remembering he was a fiscal hawk after helping pass a tax bill that cut his payments while keeping the government deeper in the red for years, Wisconsin US GOP Senator Ron Johnson voted "no" on the two-year budget bill that was signed into law this morning. 

The bill contains billions for military and infrastructure spending. So please remind him not to issue any glowing news releases about or show up for at any highway ribbon-cuttings or defense procurement ceremonies in Wisconsin for spending the bill will finance.

Remember when Paul Ryan 'opposed' the Obama stimulus plan, but behind the scenes lobbied for stimulus spending back home?

Consistency, please.

The bill on which RoJo said 'no' also contained disaster relief funding for Puerto Rico, Texas and other hard hit areas. RoJon's message: you're on your own.
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Anonymous said...

Yes and Walker and company had to shove lots of work and payments way into the future in order to even have a budget. So now the Wauwatosa Whiff proposes a one time child tax credit and a sales tax holiday which are so conveniently timed to his re-election campaign. Further using money we don't have in order to bolster his personal career. Reminds me of a guy named Dreyfuss. Then like parents with a substance abuse problem they'll come to us and tell us we can't have things because Mommy and Daddy blew the rent for a splurge on themselves.