Monday, February 12, 2018

Walker the Amazing finds $50 mil. for election-year handout

It's obvious to any first-year Poli Sci student that the taxpayers' billions Walker has committed to Foxconn in SE WI leave the rest of the state with puny dividends.

Not the greatest strategy at election time for a Republican who has manipulated resentments in his rural base against the more heavily-populated southern counties.

So to his studious avoidance of the roadwork he's directing Foxconn's way while local streets and arterial roads keep crumbling, and to his fresh interest in traveling the state backing rural broadband assistance like that which he'd earlier turned aside, and to his sudden boosting in school aid to rural districts he'd blocked, you can add a fresh, election-year find of $50 million for rural job-programs
...the Joint Finance Committee is scheduled hold a hearing on another Walker proposal, this one on jobs. Assembly Bill 912 would commit $50 million by June to expand existing state jobs programs in rural areas under a definition that would include 56 of the state's 72 counties.  
Though the per-county average payout is less than $1 million each - - a drop in the bucket compared to the billions Walker is shoving Foxconn's way, with more to entice out-of-staters like Chicagoans to move here or ride Illinois trains for Wisconsin-taxpayer-funded jobs at the rate of more than $200,000 each.

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