Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Walker: millions for Kimberly-Clark; zero for Oscar Mayer

Both Oscar Mayer and Kimberly-Clark are old-line businesses that long paid middle-class wages to Wisconsin workers.

But when it came to time to offer state assistance to keep the companies' Wisconsin presence and payrolls intact, GOP Gov. Walker played favorites. 

Put it this way: green went to red, not blue, 

Walker's revealed his self-interested and partisan hostility to Democratic-leaning Madison and Dane County - - despite the huge boost the area gives the entire state economy - - when he didn't to lift a finger to save 1,000 Oscar Mayer headquarters and production jobs on Madison's East side.

Compare that to his enthusiastic shove of Foxconn-level subsidies and tax breaks to Kimberly-Clark in the GOP-leaning Fox Valley.

Here's a little exercise:

Substitute "Oscar Mayer" and its relevant history in this story - - 

End of an era: Madison's Oscar Mayer plant closing after nearly 100 years
Madison's Oscar Mayer plant — a fixture on the East Side for nearly 100 years — will close and its headquarters will move to Chicago, putting 1,000 employees out of work, parent company Kraft Heinz announced on in 2015.
- - in the wording below describing what Walker and GOP legislators want to gift-wrap for Kimberly-Clark and 600 Wisconsin workers, laid out here - -  
Proposed incentives for Kimberly-Clark would provide up to $115 million over 15 years
Kimberly-Clark has been "giving generations of Wisconsin families the opportunity to pursue their dreams" since it was founded 145 years ago in Neenah... 
"Kimberly-Clark has also been an outstanding corporate citizen, adding greatly to Wisconsin's quality of life and playing a key role in the state being recognized as a global leader in paper and advanced manufacturing,.."  
Green flows to the area that's red, not blue.

Still think Republicans and conservatives in Wisconsin aren't using public money, in an election year, to pick winners and losers? 

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